Day 1

Okay. So today is day one of my diet. Me and my boyfriend decided to diet together starting today.  And he specifically banned soda which is a big step for me, i drink diet coke every day, but im doing good.  But i want it sooo bad.  Anyway here are my stats and goals.

Height: 63 inches/5 foot 3 inches
Weight: 128 lbs
STG: 120 lbs
LTG: 105 lbs

I plan on getting down to 120 lbs by July 14th, thats when I go away to the shore house with my boyfriends friends.

So I have about a month to lose 8 lbs.

Oh, and so far today...I've been up since 11:30 and I've eaten nothing and had 2 sips of water!
Woo. see how long this lasts.

<3 love ya.

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